The Journey to Nine Mile Jamaica

i-XWG3pkQ-XLBeing the HUGE Bob Marley fan I am, visiting the House of Marley in Nine Mile Jamaica was an item I had on my bucket list for a very long time! (Glad that's one item crossed off) The drive to the compound took about two hours from where we were located. The roads were rough and consisted of narrow lanes that ran along the mountains of Jamaica. I loved every minute of it! What's not to love when you're in a bus filled other fans just as excited as you are, and all singing to the tunes of Bob Marley?!? Good times, good times... and now for the photos: i-bhx9nvQ-XL

The view from Mt. Zion
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A photo of Bob Marley's meditation rock.
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Of course had to get a photo with our guide. I tell you, I was so excited/happy to be in Jamaica I was choppin it up with everyone! Nothing but love!
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Jerk chicken, pork with red beans and rice!
These dogs definitely have the right idea... feeln' irie!
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"The Sun is Shining" ~ Until we meet again Jamaica


Welcome to Copenhagen, my first trip out to Europe and it was one a good one! Freezing, wet and adventurous are a few words to describe my experience in Copenhagen. Not to mention, Bikes! Everywhere! I really loved seeing people use bikes as their chosen form of transportation. Not only that, it was nice seeing people not having to lock up their bikes since the crime rate is extremely low. (never going to see that in San Francisco!)

Being into the craft of Beers, the Carlsberg Brewery was definitely on the list of places to check out. Lucky for me it was "Culture Night" in Denmark so all museums were open late with free admission.

Tivoli Gardens was another stop on the list, a theme park right in downtown. Pretty cool spot actually, a nice easy way to blow off a stressful day maybe? They do say that Denmark is the most happiest country in the world.

Here are some random photos photojoaqing around town, which of course is always a lot of fun.

On our last night in Copenhagen we decided to have dinner at Resturant AOC, a two star Michelin restaurant. Pricey as hell!!! might as well enjoy this once in a life time opportunity! Here are a few photos from our meal, I really enjoyed how creative and friendly they were.

Sushi Boat Sunday

i-CQwqLRk-XL My first time trying out "Fuji Sushi Buffet" and I'll have to say definitely not bad for $17.99 all you can eat sushi boat.  One recommendation get there early! The restaurant opened at 11am and there was already a line of people waiting to get in. Lucky for us, we were second in line so there was no problem grabbing seats at the sushi bar. The service was quick and the staff was friendly, not a bad way to enjoy Sunday.


i-bx9WWRn-XL This Hamachi cheek was.... "hella good!"

i-xX8XdLQ-XLI didn't even know they had raw oysters and ordered them by accident, one of my favs.













Sailing on The Bay

I often get disappointed with myself for not taking advantage of all the amazing things one can do here in the San Francisco Bay Area. So when my wife asked me if I'd like to go for a ride on her co-workers sail boat, of course I responded with a "HELL YEA!" From calm waters to rough waters, to dodging  boats on the bay while listening to music ranging from Classic Rock to EDM  (electronic dance music) it was the most fun I had in a long time.