Iceland #MyStopOver

This was my first time visiting Iceland and I can honestly say it was a pretty magical experience! Each day we had about 4 to 5 hours of daylight. The sun would rise around 10am and then start to set around 3pm. The weather was extreme, very very windy, cold, rain, sunshine, and even snow! I was prepared for the weather and besides it was all part of the adventure.
Yes... Food was a bit on the expensive side, maybe double to triple the price I would pay for a meal at home. (San Francisco) Iceland has been really working hard at promoting tourism and is now their #1 industry which is probably why you can find flights from San Francisco to Reykjavik for as low as $99 one way on WOW Airlines. We found a really great deal on Groupon flying with Iceland Air so decided to go with that. People were extremely friendly and we were able to get away with speaking English everywhere we went.
On our second to last night, the sky finally cleared up enough for us to go searching for the Northern Lights. After driving around for about 3hours we finally stopped by a light house at the end of the road. I went out to take a few long exposure photos to kill some time then ran back into the car to view the photos because it was freeeeeeezing! When looking at the photos I thought something was wrong with my camera because I noticed some green in the photo that I had not seen in the sky. It finally hit me that the Northern Lights were always there. I ran back out to photograph a few more photos to verify and sure enough "Lady Aurora" had made an appearance. I can't even describe what an amazing experience that was, especially when you're the only one out there experiencing it. The really cool thing was that for a few minutes I was able to finally see the Northern Lights with my own eyes. Lastly when I finally returned home, I received an email from Iceland Air that they saw a photo I had posted while on my trip and that they wanted to include it in their inflight magazine. Yep I'd definitely have to say that this was a very magical trip! Yet another one to cross off the bucket list!